The GOAL Trust seeks to unlock the leadership potential in young South Africans through programmes and partnerships that equips them to successfully engage their current and future environments.


Instilling a sense of integrity
Building dignity of self
Creating a community through partnerships
Unlocking potential
Developing dynamic, innovative visionaries


The GOAL Trust is a youth empowerment trust which aims to increase responsible citizenship and develop the leadership capacity in young South Africans.

Ethos and methodology

To prepare young people in their communities to mobilise other young people around positive and empowering activities and practices that will assist them to develop skills in their social realm and the environment, and become active within their communities. This is achieved through intensive personal development, participation in a range of developmental practices and networking and interaction with other positive role models.

Principles that underpin our practices

For any individual to advance and grow, he/she begins by acknowledging and managing his/her own resources; co-operating with others; and understanding his/her needs and challenges. Before then, no external development assistance will make any meaningful difference.
Learning becomes evident when the experience is achievable and relates to improved action and ownership of the results. Collection of information results in improved awareness and encourages confidence to engage with others. A project comprised of beneficiaries in a range of different faiths, cultures and needs demands a multi-dimensional and innovative approach. For this reason four interventions run concurrently:

  1. Personal development
  2. Skills development
  3. Mentorship
  4. Social development

To be effective and add value for the participants, the methodology must be relevant so that it can critically and sensitively engage with and assess combined vision, strategic interventions, outcomes and discern lessons learnt.

The Trust has programme areas aimed at the upliftment of young people:

  • Face to Face / Faith to Faith
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Alumni Programme

The programme recruits its young people from schools where students have been identified by the school. The Trust has international and local programmes. Students who participate in the international programme need to apply to be part of the 1 year programme.

We strongly believe that ever young person has the ability to be the CEO of a company or president of a country. Helping them find the keys to unlock that potential, develop the skill and mentor them on the road to reaching that dream is what the G.O.A.L Trust strives to do.