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Everyone deserves to live,  everyone deserves to smile and laugh.  As they say that laughter is the best medicine. Everyone deserves to be loved and looked after and everyone deserves to live freely.


How can we live freely when there is no justice? How can we see smiles and joy from our… Continue reading

My Personal Goal

I want nature to stay green. I want to see what a green planet will look like, My personal goal is to save as many earthly things as I can. This vision I have is so in my head. I want. I need. I feel it to be true. Who wouldn’t? There are people who… Continue reading

Nature: Elements of Success

I want nature to stay green. I want to see what a green planet will look like.
Save as many earthly things we can.
This painted vision.
This movie that projects through my eyes has the vision of the creator.
Value the small because every child must grow.
Every tree was from a… Continue reading


I see you sitting. So focused in what you are doing. I notice the wind that passes you. But, I don’t think it notices you. The air we breathe is so honest. It has not been polluted from the people we used to know. This confident world, the burning stars are just a way of… Continue reading

Blanket of Hope

Listen to our song!

Listen you will hear
The sound that brings us near
Touch you will feel
All that makes us real
Look you will see
My vision is reality
I’m not here to waste my time

I want, I need, I lift my eyes to the rising sun
I got a blanket… Continue reading

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