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Is Religion only for the Religious? – Interfaith Day hosted by St Cyprian’s School and Herzlia High School Student Leadership

On the 21st of June, the student leadership of St Cyprian’s School and Herzlia High School co-hosted the annual Interfaith Day, inviting fellow grade 11s to participate in a day of dialogue and engagement around questions of interfaith. The day included interactive activities facilitated by Face to Face | Faith to Faith, as well… Continue reading

SA F2F Home group 2012 closing retreat

The 2012 closing retreat took place on January 18-20th in Simon’s Town. The weekend was filled with blessings and reflections about their F2F journey. The weekend also included a trip to the bookery where the HG fulfilled one of their goals of social outreach.  The Alumni committee of South Africa introduced the 2012 HG… Continue reading

South African Homegroup making us proud!

The SA Homegroup has been amazing in the way they have conducted themselves and represented their country here at Face to Face/Faith to Faith, 2012. They have tackled difficult tasks and challenged themselves to reach beneath the surface. Some of the activities have included issues of stereotypes, gender equality, domestic violence and power. They… Continue reading

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Face to Face | Faith to Faith