Everyone deserves to live,  everyone deserves to smile and laugh.  As they say that laughter is the best medicine. Everyone deserves to be loved and looked after and everyone deserves to live freely.


How can we live freely when there is no justice? How can we see smiles and joy from our people when there is no amusement? How can we see love when there are no butterflies but only lions and foxes?  How can we be looked after when there are snakes craving to spread their poison? When is the change coming? We have lions that sleep with red stomachs but other peoples’ stomachs are like sticks on their backs. They feel the pain of their bones peeping out of their skins, like a knife entering a gate of heaven. But still, we have lions that are greedy enough to be told that if they want to learn something, they have to empty their cups full of speculations. Where did the saying that says,’success lies in sharing it’ go to?

People we need change !!! We have so many young leaders that are still growing up like a foetus in a balloon that embraces, gives love, is caring and acts like a blanket of hope for 9 months. We have leaders that are hungry for change like climate change, in this world. We have leaders that are ready to sprint like lamboginies in a race track, SHOUTING,we want to make change!!!

By Sanele Msindwana