My Personal Goal

I want nature to stay green. I want to see what a green planet will look like, My personal goal is to save as many earthly things as I can. This vision I have is so in my head. I want. I need. I feel it to be true. Who wouldn’t? There are people who turn the cheek to reality. I face it with nobility.

I wish to see children playing outside without the polluted air penetrating their lungs. I wish to see the world trusting and talking. Like a plane that trusts the air. I want to breathe the oxygen of Earth without the man-made air that overpowers. I wish to see the smiles that we give when we are happy on the face of a tree. I want the animals to leap from fear to humble joy.

I wish to feed the world the knowledge that the world has brought to me. I believe the world speaks through our life. Listen. You will hear. Touch. You will feel. Observe. You will see. I wish not for the world to die like Jupiter or Mars. I wish for it to shine brighter than the sun, but to shine with love.

By Mikhail Mohammed