Nature: Elements of Success

I want nature to stay green. I want to see what a green planet will look like.
Save as many earthly things we can.
This painted vision.
This movie that projects through my eyes has the vision of the creator.
Value the small because every child must grow.
Every tree was from a seed.
The sand that just blows with the wind lands next to another.
This energy of a world moves with confidence.
Feed your eyes with the paint; from there you will see what is hidden.
Hidden from the world, but shown in feeling.
The blind man’s power.
Just the same as hearing.
But every blind man paints with his hands.
He paints what he feels.
His eyes contrast.
His eyes add the paint to light.
From them we can appreciate the colour green even more.
The blanket on the mountain.
This colour can be seen further, but closer.
Just depends on the shade.
The wilting flower.
Loss of green.
Gravity pulls down the weight of the wilting flower.
Die flower.
Where has the green gone?
The impatient hands trying to gain everything that it can.
Stand on a peak.
Watch the world open its eyes as the light from the sun spreads at the pace of grace.
Listen to the way the trees dance as the wind passes by.
All this green, from the tiny flowers to the sky trees.
They went through their cycle and fought their reaper.
Just to bear fruit for us humans.
Run. Inhale. Stop. Exhale.
These four words can take away the pillars that keep us from the ground.
Watch a cloud. Watch it move.
It moves through the pace of the wind coming from the ocean.
The ocean that brings life into the world.
Elements of success.
Great nature with which we are blessed,
Blessed to be different,
Blessed to be able,
Blessed to overcome,
Blessed to understand.

By Mikhail Mohammed