Unlocking the leadership potential in young South Africans


GOAL intern, Warda Gertse, faces her fear of heights and went bungy jumping off the highest bridge in the world.
This was to raise awareness for the need to invest more in youth leadership and development in South Africa and in support and exposure of the GOAL programme. Continue reading


Everyone deserves to live,  everyone deserves to smile and laugh.  As they say that laughter is the best medicine. Everyone deserves to be loved and looked after and everyone deserves to live freely.


How can we live freely when there is no justice? How can we see smiles and joy from our… Continue reading

SA F2F Home group 2012 closing retreat

The 2012 closing retreat took place on January 18-20th in Simon’s Town. The weekend was filled with blessings and reflections about their F2F journey. The weekend also included a trip to the bookery where the HG fulfilled one of their goals of social outreach.  The Alumni committee of South Africa introduced the 2012 HG… Continue reading

My Personal Goal

I want nature to stay green. I want to see what a green planet will look like, My personal goal is to save as many earthly things as I can. This vision I have is so in my head. I want. I need. I feel it to be true. Who wouldn’t? There are people who… Continue reading

Song-writer and musician from New York-Morley joined us at GOAL camp and Tea for Peace in Cape Town.

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