South African Homegroup making us proud!

The SA Homegroup has been amazing in the way they have conducted themselves and represented their country here at Face to Face/Faith to Faith, 2012. They have tackled difficult tasks and challenged themselves to reach beneath the surface. Some of the activities have included issues of stereotypes, gender equality, domestic violence and power. They have explored their relgious and cultural differences and similarities through workshops, presentations and conversations. Already a substantial amount of skills have been learnt, including intentional listening, story telling and tools for social change.

discussions – learning to listen

One particular excercise randomly divided the group into ‘squares’, ‘circles’ and ‘triangles’, representing the upper, middle and lower class. This brought up issues of power and social divides, and also exposed how ones characteristics can be influenced or changed by gaining or loss of power. For the South Africans, this was particularly relevant and struck home for many of them.

‘The simulation game this morning was incredible. It showed me what is meant by the quote ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. It reminded me of the inequalities in South Africa and the importance of standing up for what you believe is right’. – Alia Mohedeen

Arts and Crafts during activity time

‘Being part of the higher class and having so much power over the people became too much and I eventually decided to step down and join the lower class to form a revolution. This game made me realise that not all people in power are bad, they’re sometimes the people who want change. It’s just a matter of the loudest voices making the loudest noise.’ – Tots Yende

Song Sessions

‘The simulation game really reached out to me. I realised the potential we have as young people to be leaders who can make a difference. But in order for us to make that ‘difference’, we need to co-operate and have absolute democracy. We don’t have to be all political about it, we need to identify the problem and use our own energy to solve it. It doesn’t have to be the ‘ones in power’ who do everything. A true leader uses their own energy to solve a problem. Thanks to F2F I am slowly but surely identifying my full potential to make my community a better place.’ – Sherry Tapfuma

Tariq and Sherry on the lake