The Paradigm Shift

Step aside old-fashioned, traditional and stereotypical men and women, I have just returned from the GOAL UntAPPing Leadership Camp and there is a new generation ready to take on the world and make it their own. Securing happiness for themselves and their children one day. There was talent far beyond any reality TV show could ever show. There was love enough to cure the challenges our country faces. It’s time for you to make the shift with them or shift out-of-the-way. These young men and women are ready to take South Africa by the horns and drive it to success.

Hope has been restored.

I think I can now comprehend how people were feeling after the fall of the Apartheid Regime; an insurmountable amount of love for my fellow citizens and country, energy enough to affect permanent change and hope to guide my children one day. Thank you for giving that to me.

To the participants at camp; well done on: surpassing every expectation of the leaders at camp, completing the challenges and overcoming fears in the process and creating a microcosm of love, strength and courage amongst each other. My heart is smiling and my passion reignited. I look forward to watching you turn this country around, step by step. Your legacy will outlive generations, your actions will inspire millions and your courage will start a wave of change that this country needs.

So, all the traditional, stereotypical and old-fashioned men and women who believe that waiting will give you what you deserve, wake up, young people are starting to do it for themselves and its possible for you to start too!

Never let anyone say you cannot, you have proven yourselves and you have won battles greater than most. You’re the World’s Greatest

GOAL UntAPPing Leadership Participants 2012 -2013
GOAL UntAPPing Leadership Participants 2012 -2013

Rashaad Latief